NIME’s Unconference happens from 4pm-7:30pm Friday May 19th!  Location: Musikhuset Elværket, address: Rosenkildestien 3, 3000 Helsingør

The Unconference will be held at in the beautiful city of Helsingør on May 19. The Unconference is a partner of CLICK Festival at Kulturværftet taking place the 19 – 21 May. CLICK Festival is an event exploring the cultural innovation through art, science and technology featuring concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and performances.
This year’s unconference brings together instrument designers, inventors, hackers, musicians, and sound artists in a hands-on co-creation process to explore and push the limits of instruments with the intent of generating new creations (e.g. instruments, installations, experiences, new musical works) knowledge, and friendships both within the NIME community and also the vibrant Copenhagen (København) design, technology and music communities. The aim is to go beyond performance, and focus instead on a co-creation process wherein participants work together to bring submissions to life.
The setup:
One large room will host ca. 15 tables (stations) where at each station, a host will offer a participatory experience where people will build something new. Throughout the day we will host jam sessions offering participants a chance to showcase what they’ve been developing at their stations. A spotlight will put the station on “centre stage,” and performances will commence, and end each jam with the sound of a gong.

Project areas might include (but are not limited to):

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME’s)

  • Novel Synthesis Techniques
  • Biocomputing and Biohacking
  • Visual sound and video art
  • Live Coding and Hacking
  • A.I. Music, Performance, and Art